Since 1948, Topog-E® Gaskets Have Been Trusted Globally to Perform Under Pressure

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Topog-E®, LLC, a pioneering force in the manufacturing of boiler gaskets


What We Do

The Topog-E® Gasket Co. has been manufacturing and selling molded rubber gaskets around the world for over forty years. We make gaskets to fit every steam boiler in production today, and our gaskets are internationally recognized and renowned for their high quality, exceptional performance, and ease of application.


Our Gaskets

Series 180 Gaskets

TOPOG-E® Series 180 molded rubber gaskets.

Series 450 Gaskets

TOPOG-E® Series 450 proprietary tacky cloth of glass, synthetic fibers, and brass wire, impregnated with a blue elastomer compound.

Series 1000 Gaskets

TOPOG-E® Series 1000 spiral wound high temperature graphite.

Series 2000 Gaskets

TOPOG-E® Series 2000 Penta layered high temperature graphite and alloy.

Series 3000 Gaskets

TOPOG-E® Series 3000 expanded PTFE high pressure.

Series 3000ET Gaskets

TOPOG-E® Series 3000ET expanded PTFE joint sealant.

Series 5000 Gaskets

TOPOG-E® Series 5000 special profiles alloy and graphite.

Ajax Gaskets

Ajax molded rubber gaskets.

Topog-E® Series BMV Gaskets

Fire Tube Heater Treater gaskets.


Our Story

Step into the dynamic realm of Topog-E®, LLC, a pioneering force in the manufacturing of rubber gaskets for steam, air, and water applications since 1956.

Fueled by the imperative to address the shortcomings of fibrous gaskets in boilers, Topog-E®, LLC emerged as a solution to the age-old question: “Why couldn’t a boiler gasket be made out of rubber?” The unreliability of existing fibrous gaskets led to prolonged and costly downtimes, sparking the inception of a company dedicated to sealing solutions.

The journey began with the establishment of Topog-E®, LLC, where innovative minds crafted a gasket capable of seamlessly conforming to the topography of mating surfaces. The proprietary mixture, fine-tuned in response to the challenges of the steam environment, marked the genesis of a groundbreaking venture.

Today, Topog-E®, LLC stands as a testament to perseverance and excellence. Producing approximately 1 million gaskets annually in over 300 sizes, the company still takes pride in mixing its own compound and conducting on-site manufacturing. Over two generations, the company has evolved while maintaining an unwavering focus, commitment, and passion.

From its modest origins, Topog-E®, LLC has grown into a globally represented enterprise. Investing in cutting-edge technology, expanding production capacity, and advancing research and development, the company continues to broaden and enhance its gasket offerings.

The iconic Series 180 rubber gaskets, representing the company’s roots, now share the stage with Series 2000 gaskets manufactured from exfoliated graphite. These Series 2000 gaskets, renowned for their superior sealing capabilities, cater specifically to medium and high-pressure/temperature applications.

Embark on the journey of Topog-E®, LLC, a story of innovation, evolution, and a commitment to sealing excellence that transcends generations.

“why couldn’t a boiler gasket be made out of rubber?”


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What People Are Saying

They are the best gaskets I have ever used – snug, tight and no leaks.

Hospital Organization

Of all the gaskets I have used these are definitely the best.

Apparel Company

These gaskets gave perfect results on a mighty tough test installation. I will certainly recommend them every chance I get.

Water Conditioning Service

Thank you for the speedy delivery of gaskets I ordered. Now that I know how quick and easy it is to replace your gaskets I’ll never use fiber gaskets again. Where I had trouble with boiler compound seeping through, it is now gone. Thank you.

Laundry Company

Topog-E® Gaskets are the best in my opinion – no one makes a better gasket. They save life on equipment and save money in the long run by not having to shut down or go through a number of gasket change outs in a single year. I recommend them to other supervisors and workers in other regions.

Naval Station